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Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy Color Selection

The staff at Southwest Coating Solutions have done extensive research on all the products they use. You can be assured you are getting a beautiful but tough flooring system.

Airport Hanger Using 100% Solids Tough as Nails

Depending on your concrete floor structure and facility needs, they can be up to 1/4″ think or more, with impact resistance and compressive  strength as impressive as the strongest heavy-duty industrial concrete flooring system.

Who says high performance can’t be beautiful too?

From epoxy floor coating systems and cementitious urethanes, to MMA;s and polyaspartics, our decorative flooring offers an impressive combination of practical and aesthetic benefits, including:

  • High-traffic finishes with industrial-strength chemical and abrasion resistance. 
  • Perfect for heavy and frequent foot and car traffic
  • Quick turnover, fast-curing systems available
  • Easy to maintain – no waxing or repolishing required
  • Antimicrobial protection available
  • Moisture vapor mitigation floors
  • Skid-resistant options that do not interfere with aesthetics
  • Pattern and flooring design options, ideal for designating traffic lanes or dividing floor space
  • Embed your organization’s logo or favorite logo right into the floor

  • Testimonial

    Mark J


    Southwest was great! I had my pool deck done in flagstone and really like the way it looks now. I definitely recommend these folks,