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About Southwest Coating Solutions

Our History

IMG_1689Southwest Coating Solutions was recently acquired by Josh and Mandy Scott.  With more than 30 years of combined experience, their goal was to provide the high-end quality of a large company with the detailed attention of a family owned business. Their backgrounds extend from small residential projects to large-scale commercial jobs, lending Southwest Coatings the necessary skills to take on any project, regardless of size or complexity. 

What Sets Us Apart

Among our competitors, Southwest Coating Solutions stands out for many reasons. First, we are one of a small percentage of companies in our field that perform all of the necessary prep work, saving our customers time and money and giving us control of the project from beginning to end. Another unique feature we offer is full customization to fit your style. With concrete coatings the options are infinite, and we don’t believe in only offering “standard” systems in a limited selection of colors. Lastly, it is important to us that our product and workmanship be the absolute best we can offer. One way we accomplish this acidstainis through our installation process. We make sure to put down more material than just the bare minimum to ensure that your coating looks beautiful and lasts through years of use. Where our competitors will apply the thinnest possible layer to save on material cost and put more money in their pockets, we ensure that our customers receive the product and quality they pay for.

We thank you for your consideration and hope that you will choose Southwest Coating Solutions for all your concrete coating needs!


  • Testimonial

    Mark J


    Southwest was great! I had my pool deck done in flagstone and really like the way it looks now. I definitely recommend these folks,